In simple terms, Diabetology is the study of the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes and an individual who has specialized in diabetology designated as diabetologist. The modern lifestyle and food habits are the cause of diabetes. By intake of more glucose, impaired the insulin level inside the body.  Insulin is a hormone which helps in supplying glucose to the cells of the body so that energy can be produced for efficient working of the body. In India, more than 62 million people are suffering from this disease which is expected to increase by 90-100 million by 2035.

There are mainly 3- types of diabetes, type-I, type-II and Gestational diabetes.

Type-I diabetes:  this causes when pancreas cells stop producing insulin and insulin level comes down into the body.  This is also called the autoimmune reaction.  The possible reasons might be involved like Viral or bacterial infection, Chemical toxins within the food or any kind of Unidentified component causing an autoimmune reaction.

Type-II diabetes: This is a common type of diabetes causes when the body does not use the insulin produced properly and also called as insulin resistance. The possible reasons might be involved like obesity, increasing age, bad food habits or not a proper diet.

Gestational diabetes: This diabetes generally appears in pregnant women because during pregnancy the placenta makes hormones which further leads to a build-up of glucose in the blood. If the pancreas is unable to handle that then insulin level increase and causes gestational diabetes.

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